Vilis Ozols, Motivational and Leadership Speaker

VOsmallVilis Ozols is an international motivational speaker who has inspired audiences on 3 continents, in 9 countries, in all 50 U.S. states and in 9 Canadian Provinces. He has delivered results as an unrivaled business speaker and leadership consultant for the past 20 years. As a current NCAA Division 1 Head Coach he leads by example and tangibly practices what he preaches.

He is a former Canadian Jr. National Volleyball Team member and a former competitor on the Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. As a leadership speaker he combines real world "learned-in the-streets" business acumen with the enthusiasm and motivational intensity of a world class athlete and coach. His presentations will add a dramatic, fun, humorous, entertaining and motivational exclamation point to your next gathering or meeting!

How do you motivate? Vilis Ozols gives real world techniques that he backs up with research. The best human motivator is a game plan for what's stressing you. And Vilis uses every skill in the book to put forth his powerful message: a disarming sense of humor, an athlete’s intensity, a coach's zeal and the insight of a mentor! Guaranteed to influence and inspire you to embark upon your quest towards your peak of excellence!



The Ozols Business Group

The Ozols Business Group is based in Niagara Falls, New York and provides leadership training and motivational speaking services in the areas of business leadership, motivation and organizational development to clients all over the world including, Disney, 3M, AT&T, Mobil Oil and Marvin Windows.

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