Motivational and Inspirational Articles

Motivational and Inspirational Articles Written by coach, athlete and speaker Vilis Ozols

Collections and Receivables Articles

Vilis Ozols has been a featured speaker and consultant in the Collections and Receivables Management arena for many years. Here are articles for collections agencies and for receivables management professionals.

Teams, Leadership and Success Articles

Vilis Ozols has written numerous articles about teams and team dynamics, success (and failure) and about leadership and coaching. Click below to see the list.

About The Ozols Business Group

The Ozols Business Group is an international motivational speaking, leadership training and business consulting organization based in Niagara Falls, NY. Vilis Ozols provides speaking services to a wide spectrum of organizations ranging from U.S. Fortune 500 companies to associations conventions/conferences to small entrepreneurial businesses.

Vilis Ozols... Coach, Mentor, Motivator!

How do you motivate? Vilis Ozols gives real world techniques that he backs up with research. The best human motivator is a game plan for what's stressing you. And Vilis uses every skill in the book for his powerful message: a disarming sense of humor, an athlete’s intensity, a coach's zeal and the insight of a mentor! Guaranteed to influence and inspire you towards your peak of excellence!